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Franklin, Connie Principal
Leenman, David Assistant Principal

Bishop, Jeremy Drama
Blackburn, Shawn Foundations of Engineering
Blalock, Hannah Math
Bolton, Benjamin Physical Science
Brock, Greg Math/SPED
Broome, Pam World History/AP Human Geography
Brown, Dawn Marketing
Burgess, Kelly English/Reading
Butikofer, Jamie Health/Personal Fitness
Chester, Donna Language Arts
Creekmur, Logan Business
Dover, Casey Math
Dukes, Ryan Band
Elger, Joseph World History
Fennell, Kelly Physical Science
Gates, Megan World History/Psychology
Harwood, Steve Health/Personal Fitness
Hearon, Etoya AFJROTC
Herrin, Lindsay Health/Personal Fitness
Huff, Jayne Art
Hutchins, Andrea Counselor
Kitchings, Preston Physical Science
Kline, Marian Transitions/SPED
Loudermilk, Candace Math / Science/ SPED
Mealor, Hope SPED Dept. Chair/504 Coordinator
Murray, Lindsay Chorus
Newton, Aaron Agriculture
Parker, Stephanie Science/SPED
Rogers, Tanner Weight Training
Shubert, Stephanie Library Media Specialist
Slate, Josh World History
Smith, Loyce Algebra and Geometry
Smith, Samantha Math Department
Terrell, Leslie English/SPED
Thomaswick, Zach Math
Thompson, Christy English/ESOL
Wallace, Helena Spanish
Wallace, Robert AFJROTC Aerospace Science Instructor
Ward, Terra English
Zeigler, Carrie Language Arts

Anderson, Angie Bookkeeper
Anderson, Mysti Nurse
Blackburn, Michelle Social Worker
Buckley, Theresa Paraprofessional/SPED
Burnett, Samantha Paraprofessional/SPED
Chambers, Carolyn Lead Custodian
Clement, Kathleen Social Worker
Daniel, Pam Nutrition Manager
Dill, Kandy Nutrition Assistant
Dodd, Erika Custodian
Edwards, Kristin Custodian
Gaines, Rosemary Certified Translator/Interpreter
Garrett, Courtney Teacher of Visually Impaired
Garrett, Pat Nutrition Assistant
Harding, Jerry ISS
Ivie, Steve Custodian
Justus, Mary Beth Nutrition Assistant
Kilby, Lee Family Connection
Knight, Beverly Custodian
Kogod, Murray School Resource Officer
Mance-Wright, Sheila Paraprofessional/SPED
McConnell, Gina Nutrition Assistant
Patton, Janet Computer lab
Pilgrim, David Custodian
Rineheart, Penny Administrative Assistant/Secretary
Sanders, Katherine Migrant Educator
Segers, Lori Library Media Clerk
Vice, Christy Resource Officer
Wood, KC Paraprofessional/SPED