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School Counselor Services

School Counseling Services at NGA are designed using the blueprint of the American School Counseling Association's model of a Comprehensive School Counseling Program. What makes this model unique is that it serves ALL students by providing these four cornerstones: a Foundation, Delivery Services, Management and Accountability.  


The Foundation:  Why are School Counselors here? The Foundation answers that question by providing a strong focus on our students and how we serve their individual and whole group needs.  The American School Counseling Association (ASCA) has established high standards and competencies for Ninth Grade students, to prepare them to continue their path to high school and beyond. 


The Delivery System: What can the Counselor do for my child? A comprehensive Guidance Curriculum Plan is developed each year that reflects on the current needs of the student population.  Three primary areas are addressed: Academic Development, Career Development, and Personal/Social Development.


Management:  How does the School Counselor know what my child needs?  Management agreements between the Counselor and Administration clearly outline expectations and are updated frequently throughout the year.  An Advisory Council, which consists of parents, teachers and other stakeholders help check the pulse of the community within the school and provide insight into what is needed.  Data is critical in helping the School Counselor find areas where achievement results for students may be lacking and then intentional plans are formed to adders and evaluate the results.


Accountability:  How will I know if the program and my child are successful as a result? Authentic assessments that reflect growth and positive change within the three areas of the Delivery System are one way to measure accountability. This is concrete data that can be used to make improvements in student needs. Other assessments may include parent and teacher reflections on individual student progress and a student’s personal goal setting evaluation.

Academic Services

  • Exploration application of attitudes, knowledge, and skill sets needed to be successful students
  • College and Career Readiness and PATHWAY selection
  • Understanding the link between academic success and the world of work
  • Appropriate course selection 
  • Transitioning to Habersham Central High School
  • Georgia Virtual School
  • Credit and course evaluations
  • Exploration of Post-Secondary Options (how to plan for college and career choices)
  • Preparing for EOCT testing
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Planning for the ACT and SAT

Career Exploration Services:

  • Investigation of values, interests & personal qualities to plan a college/career path successfully
  • Develop a working knowledge of GCIS and GA College 411
  • Exploration of post-secondary institutions including, but not limited to universities, colleges, technical colleges, military service, and work
  • Choosing extracurricular activities to develop the individual, build community, and contribute to college/career planning
  • Explore opportunities for job shadowing and appropriate youth jobs.

Personal/Social Services

  • Develop and apply attitudes, knowledge, and interpersonal skill sets needed to be successful students.
  • Consistently use a decision making model to assist in making healthy decisions.
  • Asking for help when needed and recognizing appropriate adults who can assist in a time of need.
  • Creating healthy boundaries in which to develop lasting and positive relationships with adults and peers.
  • Resolving conflict in a healthy manner.
  • Understanding self worth and value